About Us


GUANTES VERRI, Mexican company founded in 1986, began operations by producing weightlifting gloves. Our objective has always been to produce high quality sporting goods with anatomical designs using premium materials.

This has resulted in a wide acceptance by our customers who acknowledges our workout gear as a basic accessory for sports training. Our products provide not only comfort, but also protection for athletes.

After gaining experience in the field of weightlifting gloves, Guantes Verri started producing gloves of other sports, which include: cycling, motorcycling, camping, soccer, tennis, baseball, paintball, kickboxing , boxing, among others.
Currently, apart from selling our products under the brand "VERRI" in specialized sports stores and supermarkets in Mexico, we also produce gloves and belts for exclusive brands.

Moreover, the marketing of our products go beyond the borders of our country, by exporting our products to Japan, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, United States, England, Paraguay, among others.

The prestige gained by Guantes Verri in the sporting goods market is always the result of providing our customers the best service and quality.